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Co-Managed IT

Cover all your IT bases with Co-Managed IT Solutions from TekaByte

Nothing beats the technological control and visibility businesses experience through in-house IT. However, keeping all your IT needs internal can get very costly, as manpower, hardware, and software don’t come cheap. And you can’t slowly build up your system either, as most of the time, scaling up one resource will force you to upgrade the rest.

Instead of using up all your resources to upgrade your entire IT system, scale up by adopting a co-managed IT infrastructure with TekaByte as your partner. We pride ourselves on how we make things simpler for our clients, and our co-managed IT solution is no different. We’ll cover the manpower, software, and hardware gaps you have as you pick and choose how you wish to move your internal IT system upwards and forwards. We can even maintain our co-managed arrangement for the long term, to help you keep costs down and allow your internal IT team to focus on your most important tasks. Best of all, we’ll integrate into your system with as little disruption as possible, to ensure that your productivity isn’t affected.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with co-managed IT by TekaByte . Schedule your consultation today, and we’ll give you a no-frills assessment of how we can best integrate into your IT system.

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Flat Fee IT

Enterprise-grade IT support and solutions that keep your costs predictable and allow you to remain within budget

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Desktop Management

We perform daily PC monitoring and management steps so your employees can work without interruption

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Server Management

Keep your servers up to date, secure, and running at maximum efficiency

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Zero Trust

Total cyberthreat protection based on the principles of strict access control and protocols over sensitive data

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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Continuous endpoint protection, detection and response - backed by a team of 24/7 human threat hunters

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Multi-factor authentication using independent categories of credentials that give your system an additional level of security against phishing and brute force attacks

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Managed Antivirus

Safeguard your sensitive data from malware, ransomware, and other hacker attacks

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Patch Management

Give your team the best tools by keeping your hardware and software up to date

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Dark Web Monitoring

Get a notification when your personal information and critical data are compromised before hackers can exploit them

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Spam Protection

Immediately detect and delete spam emails before they reach your inbox

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Web Content Filtering

Block access to websites that contain inappropriate content or destructive malware

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Security Awareness Training

Educate your employees so they can spot cyberattacks and prevent a breach

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Managed Microsoft 365

Our technicians will manage your Microsoft 365 deployment to ensure your users get its full benefits

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Managed Backups

Regular, automated backups protect you from power failures, human errors, or any other events that could lead to data loss

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Virtual CIO (vCIO)

We can serve as your experienced consultant to offer high-level technology advice and guidance to help you meet your business goals

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IconServers & Virtualization

All facets of server management and optimization, made hassle-free

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IconNetwork Administration

Enterprise-grade network administration that ensures your networks stays fast and secure at all times

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IconInternet & Voice Services

Improve communication and collaboration with our internet and voice solutions for SMBs

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Vendor Management

We can manage the relationships with your line-of-business vendors to ensure maximum efficiency

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Cyber Insurance Consulting

Our team will help you navigate the cyber insurance forms so you get the coverage you need at the right price

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Email Encryption

Protect your sensitive email contents and ensure that they cannot be read by anyone who intercepts them with our email encryption solution

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